Start Meditating Immediately

5 Guided Meditations

Most people start with the 5 pre-recorded guided meditations that you can download instantly:

 Guided Meditation #1: General Relaxation
      Use this guided meditation any time that you want to relax. You'll be taken gradually down into a state of gentle relaxation where all the stresses and strains of modern life just melt away. After your relaxation session, you'll be left feeling refreshed and ready to get on with the outside world again.
 Guided Meditation #2: Advanced Relaxation.
      When you need a really heavy duty relaxation session, choose this advanced relaxation session. This guided meditation uses modern techniques to make sure that you get the deepest possible relaxation experience.
 Guided Meditation #3: Attracting Abundance.
      If you've watched "The Secret", you will know that you can attract abundance into your life. You may even have tried some of the techniques in "The Secret". This specially created meditation will help you take your attraction of abundance into your life to new levels. Nature is naturally abundant. Yet we often place needless limitations on ourselves. Listen to this abundance guided meditation on a regular basis to make sure that you're in the best possible position to attract abundance into your life.
 Guided Meditation #4: Enhanced Creativity.
      Sometimes we need to be creative in our lives yet, on occasion, the creativity can get "stuck". Unleash your creative thinking by listening to this special enhanced creativity guided meditation.
 Guided Meditation #5: Meet With Your Higher Self.
      Everyone has their own higher self. Sometimes we choose to ignore this or we opt to ignore the help and assistance that our higher self is willing and able to give us. Meeting up with your higher self with the help of this guided meditation will help you to take your life to new levels of awareness.


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