Yeast Infection Conspiracy

Candida Feeds On Your Emotions

Not many people are aware of this… but candida is a living organism that has its own vibration and emotional energy.

Candida is the “rat” of the mushroom kingdom. It’s dominant emotion is shyness and trying to hide. You see, candida doesn’t want you to cure it and be free from it.. It wants to live and it will do anything to survive. Candida loves dark, humid, moldy places…

Aerobic exercise will increase the oxygen in your body will help burn candida out of your body… So will exposing your body to the sun… You see, once you conquer candida you will feel more confident, you will take more chances and you will be less afraid.

Ignoring the emotional aspect is something that most authors make when they teach people how to treat Candida… I know this because I was a victim and the emotional detox from candida was profound.
Loving Your Candida!?

This pesky fungus made my life a living hell for over 3 years. It kept me tired and fat… I felt powerless and spent many thousands of dollars consulting with the leading alternative medicine practitioners, doctors and Chinese herbalists.

It took me months to discover all the bits and pieces and how they come together. This disease is incredibly smart for a single-cell yeast… Maybe the power lies in its simplicity…

I remember the day when I took my lab tests and my candida was cleared. I felt such a huge emotional release, such a feeling of gratitude and harmony.. Here’s some home-made saliva tests that show candida clearing in a glass of water:
Step by Step Progression of Saliva Tests Showing Candida Leaving The Body

You see, as much as I hated this disease, I learned to love it… because it taught me so much about my body and how my organs and immune system functions. I now know so much because of it and I’m enjoying life like never before.

I was so excited that I healed my candida that I started offering tips left and right to people on how to cure their candida… Most of them got angry and blurted out that “I don’t have Candida!”.. Of course they don’t… If they knew they had it, they would start taking steps to treat it and Candida definitely doesn’t want that… It wants to live!

But a few of them listened and got better… Over time, I got so many requests from friends that I thought I could actually make a buck or two from my expertise… I paid over $5,000 and spent many months learning about this disease from the best of the best… I also spent many thousands of dollars in products (a lot of them were useless and you won’t need them):


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