Became A Powerful Reiki Master

“Your dreams of becoming a powerful Reiki
Master are about to come true”

Because within the next 48 hours you could very easily become the most exceptional Reiki Master you've ever dreamt of becoming, even if you're totally brand new to Reiki...

...and you can do so at a price that'll leave you absolutely beaming with delight!

Wow, is this really possible? Yes, it most certainly is...

For you see...
Almost everything you thought you knew about
Reiki has been completely misleading you!

Yes, it's true.

Look, you've probably been led to believe, amongst other things, that...

    * You have to attend the classes of an existing Reiki Master to be attuned to Reiki, haven't you?
    * And that you have to take both a Reiki 1 and a Reiki 2 class before you can even consider asking to be attuned to the level of Reiki Master.
    * You may also have been told it's compulsory to wait for a certain amount of time between classes before you can move on.
    * And the whole procedure needs a considerable commitment in both time and money.

In fact, some Reiki teachers even go as far as to tell you that you have to undertake a very expensive, twelve month minimum, apprenticeship before you can become a Reiki Master!

But, you'll be very pleased to hear...

All those 'requirements' are totally unnecessary!


Because it's not how the accepted founder of modern day Reiki, Mikao Usui himself, was attuned to Reiki.

So, it's not how YOU have to do it either.
Let's take a closer look at how Mikao Usui,
Actually became attuned to Reiki... I think you'll find it quite eye opening - for there's a profound and simple truth about Reiki most people don't want to talk about...

...and it's this...

Mikao Usui, the founding father of modern day Reiki, actually attuned himself to Reiki all those years ago!

Which is quite obvious when you really think about it - as there was no-one else there on the mountain to do it for him!

(Yes, some people say a great light came out of the darkness, hit Usui in the forehead and gave him Reiki - and that sounds beautifully mystical doesn’t it? But, it's just a 'flight of fancy’ I'm afraid, and it's not meant to be taken at all seriously).


No, what actually happened was...

Usui went to his favourite meditation spot, totally alone, and after a period of fasting and meditating, he experienced a sudden flash of deep understanding – a Satori if you will...

...about how a particular aspect of the vital life force energy already flowing within him could easily be accessed and used for both healing and accelerating self-realization.
And it was out of this sudden understanding
that Reiki was reborn.

A sudden understanding which did not require any kind of...

First you take Reiki level one and wait a few months. Then you take level two and wait for maybe up to a year to become a Reiki Master.

For the truth is Usui became a complete Master of Reiki all at once! waiting, no different levels and none of those massive fees either!

He simply discovered, acknowledged, intentionally opened up to and harnessed this energy he found within himself and called it Reiki.

He then formalised the process and showed others how to open up to it.

But, here's the important part.

This energy, the same energy Usui found within himself, is also flowing within you right now too - it has to be - for it's your very own life force energy and without it you'd be dead!
So, what does this mean to you?

Well, it means Reiki IS NOT something that has to be transferred to you by a Reiki Master during a Reiki attunement ceremony, as everyone has been conditioned to believe, and...

You DO NOT have to take three separate levels of Reiki either – one is all you need.

You see, the only thing a Reiki Master is actually doing for you during a 'hands on attunement' is just 'awakening' you to your own abilities...

...they are not 'giving' you Reiki - you've already got it...

...they're simply awakening you to the part of you that is already Reiki – and that's something you can easily do for yourself as I'll show you in just a moment.


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