Vertical Jump Training

The Benefits of Jumping Higher Are Not What You Thought They Were, They're Much More...

Jumping higher will flat out change your life. If only for the feeling you get when you dominate on the court. But there's so much more that I bet you've never even considered.

Here's the rundown. You jump higher and this stuff is likely to happen for you. I've seen it so many times.

    * You'll turn heads in the gym and at school. Don't think that you work on your vertical just to jump higher and improve your quickness. You want to get noticed, be more popular, get the girl, etc.
    * Get looked at by scouts. Your vertical leap is one of the first things that college and pro scouts look for. You jump well, and you'll never get overlooked and passed over again, guaranteed. Playing a pick up game? You'll be picked up first every time. You can't ignore a jumper.


    * Get written up... in the paper. You dunk on someone, you get in the paper, you climb the recruiting polls, you get on SportCenter. Colleges start fighting over you. You get a chance at making it.
    * Killer first step... You increase your vertical leap and guess what else increases? You get an unstoppable first step, overpowering quickness, pure balance, and perfect form.
    * Pure athleticism. Jumping is the purest form of athleticism. If you jump, you're on the list of the most athletic in your school, town, or organization. Period.
    * You can fly... and hang in the air. I call that frequent flying. It's an awesome feeling. Yeah, you CAN be like Mike or Vince (His reverse 360 windmill in the 2000 NBA dunk contest was the sickest dunk I'd ever seen).
    * Silence the doubters and haters. You're sick and tired of people telling you that you're too small or short or can't jump. You can silence the voices in your head and your doubters forever with one dunk.
    * Become an instant leader. You will psyche up your teammates to play better and work harder. You'll naturally become a leader on your team... My students get made captains of their teams all the time.
    * YOU do the intimidating. This is perhaps the cream of the crop... you are no longer intimidated. YOU will intimidate your competition and command respect. You have to respect a guy with a vert. The word will spread and you'll get the respect you've always wanted.
Jumping Higher Has to Do With Pure Science and a Multi-faceted Approach that Creates Synergy

Get the Science Right and The Rest is Easy...

Because this is a fitness training program, there's a lot of science to it. I know the science of jumping and teach it in a way that's easy to understand. I've trained NBA athletes, olympians, and professional dunkers and have gotten awesome results with every single one of them. Why?

Because you can't mess with science. My approach to training vertical explosion is based 100% in science, not hearsay or rumors of what works (most coaches really don't know how to train the vertical leap so they base their recommendations off of "what they've heard." Bad. Bad. Bad.)

You can't cheat physics. You can't cheat physiology. But, if you have them work perfectly together you can MAXIMIZE your results dramatically. That's where most programs miss it. They train heavily in one area and they don't get the SYNERGY (see the sidebar) of physics and physiology working together. The synergy could easily multiply your results by three times.


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