Final Phase Fat Loss

Oh sure, there’s that whole bit about health and longevity.  And sure, this program is also good for athletes looking to increase performance.

The truth is, those things are all well and good, but let’s be honest—that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here because you want to look better—a LOT better—than you do now.

And I can help.

But first, let me tell you a quick story.

Having been a fat kid for a good part of my life, when I finally got in shape at the age of 19 I was determined to stay that way.  I got lean and fit by learning everything I could about training and nutrition, and practicing those habits each and every day.  This led to a great career as a trainer, and a small but growing number of jobs as a fitness model.

By the time I was 23, things went a bit more fluidly.  I felt I had things down to a pretty decent system. I had programs for when I wanted to gain muscle and others for when I wanted to lose fat.

Sort of a “slow and steady wins the race” type of approach.

Well, unfortunately, even the best of us can kind of fall off track.  I was in a muscle gaining phase, and “slow and steady” sort of turned into “big and lazy.”

Sure, I put on size, but because I wasn’t watching my diet carefully, I gained WAY more fat that I should have.

Summer was approaching, but truthfully, I wasn’t too worried.  I’d done this before.  I’d just have to diet for about 12-16 weeks (like always) to lose the fat and then I’d be lean again.

Yes, I’d have to miss a few weeks of beach weather to diet down, but that wasn’t a huge deal.

I had time to get lean, right?  WRONG.

A few weeks into my program, my buddy Evan called.  Being in the middle of a binge-fest, I missed the call.

However, the voicemail he left had GREAT news.

You see, Evan had rented a big beach house in the Hamptons with a bunch of our friends from high school.  It was going to be a huge party with people I hadn’t seen in years, which sounded great until he mentioned the date.

It was only 6 weeks away

I took a look in the mirror, and I had a surreal experience.

All of my insecurities from my childhood and adolescence came rushing back to me in a heartbeat—suddenly, I was no longer the guy who had been in fitness magazines, I was just the chubby kid again.

Do you know what I mean? There is something about people from your past that ties them to who you WERE, instead of who you ARE.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever felt like your body
doesn’t reflect who you are?

I’m sure you have—we ALL have at one point or another—and it’s not a good feeling.

It’s like, your body is supposed to be the physical manifestation of you, right?

Well, I was educated and knowledgeable about diet and training, as well an experienced fitness professional.

Just one small problem:  I didn’t look like any of those things.

Ever since I’d lost the weight and gotten fit, I hated anything that reminded me of my life before. And here I was, confronted with it at the worst possible time.

I looked back in the mirror to assess the situation.

I needed to lose at least 15 pounds of pure
body fat, probably more.

And worse, it was those last pounds that had always been the hardest for me and taken forever.

I was used to taking my time and losing fat slowly.

I knew I would never be ready in time—there was no way I could lose the fat.

NOT with my traditional methods.

I didn’t know what to do.

Could I really skip the party?  Was I really that vain?  Maybe.  (Okay, probably.)

Was I really that insecure? Almost definitely.

I thought about who would be there.

Now, keep in mind I lost all my weight while I was in college.

These were people from high school, who knew me back before “the big change.”

And yet, despite the fact that I had not seen most of them in years, most of these people had heard I’d gotten fit, done some modeling, and was doing well as a fitness professional.

I felt…I don’t know.  I felt like there had to be some expectations, and the idea of not living up to them made me feel worse than I’d felt in high school.

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