Become An Effective Personal Trainer

When I first started my personal training business back in 1989, I was confident in my ability as a trainer.

But I was worried sick that I would fail because I didn't know anything about running a business. Business planning, managing expenses, marketing, keeping overhead under control and accounting were definitely not my thing.

So what did I do? I set my sights low. I took on just a few clients and trained them in their homes. I didn't make much money, but I felt safe. I now think back on those early years and actually laugh. If I had known then what I know now - I could have established the thriving business I have today in just a matter of months - instead of having to stumble through the five long years that it actually took me.

That's why I started It's a way for you to hurdle the uncertainty and stress that comes with any new business. And if you've already been working as a personal trainer for a few years, this is a way for you to iron out all the hassles and make more money.

So, are you ready to make more money this year, drastically reduce your expenses and retain clients for the long-term?

To be sure, there's nothing esoteric here. By that I mean, I don't have some strange "guru method" that I dreamed up so I could charge you a ton of money.

Actually what I've done, as you'll see in a moment, is very simple.  I created a fitness program that does the two essential things to be a successful personal trainer.

oneMy fitness program gives my clients optimum fitness.

I know what you're thinking, "Duh" - but it's amazing how many trainers bow to the latest fitness fad to attract clients. This approach is the fastest way to kill your business because your client will not get what they paid for: optimum fitness. Deliver optimum fitness in the most efficient way and you will have clients for life.

twoMy fitness program is a money machine.

Why does my personal training business thrive while others struggle or fail? Because I'm business savvy? Not a chance. The sole reason for my success is my fitness program. Give your clients this program and your business will thrive with zero hassle. It's that simple.

Sure, you have to have someone doing the books (no way around that one!) but just about everything else is automated when you adopt my fitness program.

Automated scheduling, client retention, referrals, business growth, no need to advertise...and optimum fitness for your clients charged at rates much higher than your competitors.

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