All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go! Home Study Course

Do you know if you are at risk for burnout?
 Are you experiencing physical, emotional or relational symptoms that are a direct result of being overstressed? Do you know what those symptoms are?
 Could your perception of your situation be affecting your stress levels?
 Would you like to discover new resources to help you manage your stress?
 Do you ever feel like you are going crazy because you are so overwhelmed by life?
 Are you ready to de-stress your life and recover your sanity?
 What if you could find some simple yet powerful ways to de-stress your life? Would they be worth trying?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place. We have numerous resources to help you. If you're feeling all stressed up, I know how you feel, and it doesn't feel very good, does it? I have often been overwhelmed by stress—whether it's the everyday stressors of working to pay bills, taking care of children or running a ministry. Or it's one of the more catastrophic events like watching my 6-month-old son die or hearing my fiancé was killed one month before we were to be married or working in a war torn country, listening to bombs and gunshots as I tried to get to sleep at night. I've often wondered "How can I go on? Life is too tough."

Let me quickly share one of the many stress relievers that helps me, and I trust will help you too—changing my perspective. It's so easy for us to focus on problems. However that usually makes them appear bigger and bigger. When I focus on God or anything positive in my life, my circumstances seem to shrink in comparison. I saw this principle work in a dramatic way when my son was dying. When I looked at my situation, I became more and more stressed and depressed. But my son's imminent death didn't seem so overwhelming when I focused on the Lord and the positive things in my life. God is bigger than anything I can ever face. And He's bigger than anything you are facing.

I'd encourage you to look at where you are focusing right now, and then choose to  change your perspective today—whether your perspective needs just a little tweek or a major overhaul. See if it doesn't work.

This is just one of the numerous tips you will find in All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go!

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