Simple 3 Step Plan That Will Eliminate Your Back Pain Permanently

"I've Suffered With Back Pain That Just Wouldn't Go Away..."

I've been in private practice since 1991, the reason I became a Chiropractor was because of my back pain and health issues.

I hurt my back playing field hockey, being young and stupid I believed it would disappear by itself. But after a month the pain was actually getting worse.

Sciatica was the diagnosis given by my family doctor and that rest and a few stretches would "fix" it. Well after a few weeks of stretching and not playing sport there was still no change in my pain. My frustration reaching critical levels as I was not playing the sport I loved and the pain looked like it was never going to leave.

It dragged on for almost 3 months, I'd seen my family doctor many times to get some relief, even the pain meds were not working too well.

So I decided to consult a Chiropractor out of desperation ... after a few sessions my back issues and some general health problems eased dramatically...

I was sold!

So I decided to study, actually I had intended to study medicine at Canterbury University, and although I was accepted to do so, I didn't. My career path suddenly changed, I was going to be a Chiropractor.

So I studied Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Applied Kinesiology. When I graduated in 1991 from RMIT in Melbourne, I worked closely with that practitioner who had helped me.

Although I was 'cured', my back pain kept returning.

But there was a problem.

Even though my back pain had eased with treatment, I found it kept coming back. Even when I went away on holidays, my back pain and health problems returned. And I wasn't over doing anything, relaxed and enjoying the break, but still I found my pains would return.

When I got home I'd have some treatment, the pains would ease again. I was told that I needed to continue with treatment to stay well.

This really confused me.

You see, there are 3 laws that govern the behavior of the body.

The Law of Healing: you can heal a cut, so you should heal from a sore back. If the body works well and is maintained, in the future any aches and pains will heal themselves quickly - in a matter of days.

The Law of Habit: to change anything you need to change the habits. Otherwise problems keep returning.

The Law of Increase: if the body is in balance then with time everything improves. If you plant a seed in the ground, it produces a plant that gives hundreds of seeds. You are supposed to get better with time if you are in balance. As you age you should improve, not experience more pains.

But my problems still remained, which contradicted these laws (that problems should go and not return).

It was the same with my patients.

In my first years of practice I noticed that although patients improved generally, they kept returning with the same aches and pains over time. As they aged, the aches increased in severity and frequency.

And yet many others grew older without those same aches and pains.

I started to examine and compare many different techniques to see what worked and which didn't, using myself as a guinea pig.

I discovered acupressure, and studied it so I could treat myself.

After months and months of trying out variations and combinations of techniques and stretches, I hit on it: a combination that actually worked.

Tentatively I tried it out ... the real test was when I took two months off work to travel, I felt 100%.

My problems didn't come back - even when I stopped using the techniques on myself.

After my two months off, I kept doing the maintenance techniques to make sure I continued to get better.


Then I started to show my patients those same methods and techniques.

What became obvious over time was that even though patients still came back for regular treatments, they were no longer coming in with NEW problems.

And from all this testing I discovered an important fact...

The true cause of back pain is not how you lift, bend or twist. It is also not the distortion patterns or imbalances in your spine.

"What Is The 'TRUE' Cause Of Your Pain?"

The current beliefs are that back and neck pain are caused by:

      The accumulation of many micro-injuries over time
      By muscle tightness around the joint, inflammation of the surrounding tissue and pressure from the poor joint movement.

      The 4 common distortion patterns created by various muscular and joint imbalances

These may CREATE your pain ...

But even these are still not the 'true' cause...

The true cause is the habitual nature of pain. Once these imbalances and distortions above occur - if they remain for a few weeks ... your body forms a habitual pain cycle ... and believes these imbalances to be 'normal'.

Once this occurs your body will stop fighting and give up ... pain remains and increases with time.

This is why you can receive treatment from numerous practitioners ... pain will ease ... and then for no apparent reason pain will return ... The habits allow it to return time and time again.

Pain suddenly arrives after performing a so-called 'normal daily activity' such as bending to pick up your child or lifting an object or simply twisting to wash yourself in the shower.


You could go to bed feeling great and then wake with back pain that makes you feel stiff and sore just getting out of bed.

All because your body has formed habits that say 'back pain is normal'.

This is why most treatments FAIL.

Sure those with acute or short-term back pain can get good results.

But for those with recurring or chronic pain ... you get temporary relief ... then the cycle of pain returns yet again.

To get long term back pain relief you MUST change the internal habits. The habits that say your pain is normal and should remain.

Learning to treat yourself is the ONLY sure fire way to remove your pain ... build strength ... and prevent your pain from ever returning!

The X-Pain Method was created to make sure you removed every ounce of your pain, remove every single cause ... in as little time as possible ... as easily as possible.

This is the only back pain system that covers every aspect of your condition ... no matter where your pain is or how long you have suffered.

Too many people use ineffective techniques that may give you quick relief ... but soon leave you struggling with pain yet again ... or you need to spend hours each day using time consuming, boring exercises just to remain pain free.

You literally become a slave to these techniques and still end up being in pain again.

The X-Pain Method is the 'simplest way' to end back pain...


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