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Why should you listen to me? I have trained elite athletes from virtually every sport. I am an expert author for Men’s Fitness and a member of the Elite Fitness Expert Q&A staff. I am also Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

True StoryI know what it is like to be the small guy. Trust me. When I was a sophomore in high school I wrestled at 98 lbs at a height of 5’10”! I rarely trained except for some bodyweight exercises for wrestling and had no idea what to do. As I progressed through high school, I grew to an ‘impressive’ 6’0 and 125 lbs during my senior year.

In college, I started getting serious with weight training and I remember going down into the weight room and watching these guys throwing up 70 lb dumbbells on the incline bench and thinking to myself, “One day I’ll be able to lift those!” Unfortunately, at the time, I was struggling with the 30 lb dumbbells. I kept struggling along with no direction and finished college at a weak 160 lbs.

Determined to get big and strong, I started reading everything I could get my hands on, from Iron Man, Flex and Men’s Health magazines to those old Charles Atlas “kick sand in your face” home courses. I gained a little more weight over the next couple years trying every routine I could find, but they all left me feeling beat down, irritable and made me hate going to the gym.

Not until I got certified as a strength coach in 2001 did I finally discover the truth about how muscle and strength were built. Not with endless sets of smith machine squats, concentration curls and other gimmicky exercises and programs that the ‘experts’ were teaching in the magazines, but instead with programs designed around big, compound exercises, free weights put together in a specific SYSTEM.

Once I discovered the truth I dove in head first. I reached my bodyweight goal of 225lbs. I studied every book and bit of research I could get my hands on. I met with the real experts when it came to building size & strength. I attended every conference I could…all in a quest to be able to develop the most comprehensive program ever offered specifically designed to build muscle, get stronger, avoid plateaus while also improve your posture and overall movement.

Over this span I’ve written for the most popular muscle building websites and magazines in the world. I’ve created strength manuals purchased by fitness enthusiasts and coaches from over 67 countries and all 50 states and personally trained elite athletes in almost every sport.

And now I’m finally ready to offer the most complete, powerful size & strength building program ever developed...

With the Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 System, I have eliminated ALL of the guess work so you don’t have to make the mistakes that I and thousands of others have made trying to build muscle, cut fat and get strong. I’ve provided a step-by-step system, with an easy to follow template. This proven system will accelerate your muscle gains - in fact you will see massive results in as little as 12 weeks.


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