Increase Sperm Count Naturally With Male Fertility Success

5 Steps To Improving Your Fertility

The action plan is 5 steps to creating increased volumes of healthy, strong sperm.  I have distilled the very best of the treatments I use with men of all ages into this life-changing plan.

In the action plan, I explain in full detail each of the steps, which if carried out on a regular basis, will restore your sperm production to optimum levels.
The 7 steps in the action plan are valuable for anyone who has decided to take conceive the natural way.  Each one of us makes that choice depending on our individual time clock.  For some, it’s because they don’t want to visit a doctor  and want to get the results by themselves, and for others, they will have tried a range of treatments that have failed them, such as IVF, Intrauterine Insemination, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection.

The remedies apply whether you just want to speed up the time it takes to conceive, or have been trying for years to conceive and have had little success.

These 5 steps will also allow you to learn more about your body and how it works.  Read these steps with an open mind.  Apply each of them to your lifestyle and you will make a significant change to your fertiltiy.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover when you get your copy of Male Fertility Success:

      The startling causes of erectile disfunction your doctor will never tell you about.  Once you know these causes, it’s easy to make changes to improve your erection quality and frequency

      Regular lifestyle choices that can damage erections in even the youngest, virile men.  You are probably doing one or more of these activities!

      Why the tests your doctor carries out are not diagnosing the real causes of your fertility challenges, and what to ask your doctor to get to the root of the problem

      Why your partner (or previous partners) are affecting your sperm quality and production

      What to do if you find blood in your semen, and what it means

      Facts about varicocles you should know, and why they are affecting your sperm count

      Thinking of taking drugs to balance your hormones and increase your sperm count?  Why this list of dangerous side effects will make you change your mind!


      The link between sperm production and the brain, and why your infertility could be a symptom of something a lot more serious
 Is your weight causing you to produce less sperm?  How to find out fast

You'll also discover which nutrients, foods and drink will help you to produce healty sperm in greater volumes:

      The simple drink that increases your chances of fertility, why you should drink it, and how much to drink each day

      Why taking at least 250mg of this regularly available vitamin will prevent agglutination – a condition where sperm clump together

      The vitamin that boosts the libido and is necessary for your body’s production of sex hormones.  Which foods are rich in these vitamins and how much of this vitamin to take to increase your sperm count

      It’s true what they say about oysters, but who can afford them?  Which foods you can eat instead, and which supplement to take to product the same effect and improve sperm quality and motility

      The nut that contains a mineral vital for sperm formation.  In a study of infertile men, this mineral, taken every day for 3 months increased sperm motility

      Why sugar intake can suppress sperm formation – even if you don’t have diabetes.  What you can take today to banish your sweet tooth and restore your sperm production to normal levels
 The natural remedies that counter impotence… they work better than the “blue pill” and have ZERO side effects

And that's not all - I've included a section on Traditional Chinese Medicine - a 2,000 year old healing system still used in China to resolve the full range of health complaints... including subfertility:

      Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “two patterns of illness” that cause infertility in men.  How to tell if you have them, and which foods and herbal remedies to take to overcome them

      Simple Chinese remedies you can take at home to:  increase sperm count, improve morphology, boost testosterone levels naturally, improve motility and liquefaction, and to treat varicoceles
 Acupressure points to stimulate to get your body back into balance and producing millions of sperm

In addition to this, you 'll discover the herbal remedies used by men for hundreds of years in Europe, Latin America and Africa for libido enhancement and fertility. Best of all, how to take these herbs, and where to find them!

      The superfood that feeds erectile tissue, increases blood flow to the ex organs boosts the libido, increases sperm production and motility, and leads to more powerful ejaculations and orgasms

      The herb that naturally balances the hormones and is scientifically proven to promote male

      A common, powerful, blood-cleansing herb used in Latin America and Europe as a cure for impotence and infertility (it is also great for enhancing your performance in sports, too!)

      The Brazilian herb recognized (and promoted) by the British Herbal Medicine Association as an effective treatment for impotence.  In Continental Europe, it’s also used a powerful infertility cure


      An unusual fertility herb which also increases lean muscle mass, reduces body fat and lowers cholesterol
 The root scientifically proven to improve sperm motility and sperm count, while boosting testosterone levels, and increasing eretile firmness and length… and how much to take to get these effects!

And, you will get vital information on how your lifestyle habits could be interfering with your fertility. Just cutting a few of these habits out could double your sperm count alone:

      The relationship between work and fertility – why your boss might be preventing you from conceiving

      How much you can safely drink, and not affect your sperm count or quality (this is really important)

      Do you have a blood sugar imbalance?  This is a common undiagnosed cause of fertility problems in both men and women

      The common social habit that robs your testicles of the vitamin A and B it needs to produce healthy sperm

      How hypnosis can help you and your partner’s fertility

      Medications that wipe kill sperm, disrupt brain chemistry, hormonal balance and cause fetal abnormalities.  Are you taking any of these common “over the counter” drugs?

      The supplement fitness enthusiasts use that SHRINKS testicles… and why doctors refer to it as the “male contraceptive”

      Common environmental factors affect your sperm production

      Household items – I know you have at least 4 of them in your home – that flood your body with artificial estrogen, damaging male reproductive health and even increase testicular and prostate cancer
      The effect of stress on sperm concentration, morphology motility and count, and what you can do about it now, to make sure you conceive
       The common enemy of sperm… it’s everywhere and could be affecting you right now as you’re reading this
      The commonly used fabric that generates an electrostatic field around your body, causing testicular degeneration and reducing sperm count.  What to use instead
      A little-known link between driving and sperm count
      Are your bathing habits KILLING your sperm?  Probably.  This minor change will increase your sperm count in weeks
      How to conceive even if you’ve been diagnosed sterile


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