Finally Experiencing Relief From Hormone Hell

I know you are hurting. When your hormones are out-of-balance, your life is tossed into hopelessness, confusion and depression. Male or female, the problems exist for almost everyone over 30—loss of sex drive (and often sexual function), decreased energy, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, and more.

This is what I call “Hormone Hell.”

The bad news is that this is ruining your life, making you feel old before your time, and creating unnecessary stress in your relationships. The even worse news is that this is the start of long-term health problems for many people—although you may not realize it because most doctors just treat the symptoms.

The fantastic news is that I can help you.

How? By addressing the real cause of your suffering. Most doctors only treat the symptoms of your pain. That leaves the real problem room to grow and grow. Eventually this can cause disease, and even early death.

I don't think medicine should treat you like a number, give you a few pills and a few hundred pages of insurance forms, and put you on your way.

If you're tired of being tired—and tired of being treated poorly by most doctors, only to end up feeling worse, then read on...
“Would You Be Willing To Let Me Help You?”

Dr. Holly Lucille My name is Dr. Holly Lucille. I have become known across the world as “The Hormone-Helper.” I'm a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a registered nurse (RN). That means I learned all about how to heal the body by letting your body heal itself rather than turning to dangerous drugs for an answer to every problem.

You may have seen me on Lifetime Television For Women™ and The Discovery Health Channel™. I also learned to have an “angel-like” bedside manner when I was a nurse. I saw so many people suffering...and so few doctors who really cared.

Oh...I'm also one of you. I went through my own “Hormone Hell”. I had to hit 175 pounds and watch my own energy and sex drive hit the wall before I did something about it.

After years of intense study, and applying principles of Eastern and Western medicine to the problems I was having, I discovered the ultimate, natural Solution to my hormone problems—and when I started to use this approach in my clinic, it worked almost like “magic” for my patients.


I knew I was on to something when I discovered...

    * Exactly why traditional medicine flat-out fails to wipe out the hellish symptoms of menopause, male menopause, perimenopause, weight gain, and constant fatigue
    * What the natural health industry is missing, and why you are not seeing the rapid results you are looking for by trying what you hear on T.V. or read in a magazine
    * The real, absolute, without-a-doubt cause of nearly all your symptoms—and how to get rid of them, make you feel better, and radically boost your mental, emotional, and physical health—all at the same time
    * Why 95% of doctors never treat this hormonally-based cause—and why you still feel bad and have down-right dangerous side effects from all the drugs and “happy pills” they keep giving you
    * A top-to-bottom, “treat the cause” Solution that's proven, tested in clinics and the real world, and based in fact and medicine that's been successful for thousands of years

The result? I'm over 40, happier than I've ever been, and in the best shape of my life...and there's no reason why you can't join me.
“Do You Want To Know The Real Cause Of Your Pain?”

Believe it or not, your problem is not menopause, or andropause, or any “pause”! These are normal transitions in life, and they can be pleasant, even rewarding to go through. But in our modern-day times, these periods bring a ton of problems.

Your symptoms have more to do with your adrenal glands and the toxins in your body than anything else.

There's no “one thing” you can take or do to cure this! Now do you realize why you're still suffering ... and why HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is not really a good long-term solution?
“Is Your Doctor Wanting You To Put
A Band-aid On Your Illness Or Help You Cure It?”

No Band-Aids! What an crazy idea that would be—but I'm here to tell you something. This is exactly what so many doctors are doing. I see this literally every day in my practice— people just like you who come in to see me, desperate for answers to their own Hormone Hell, and pumped full of “band-aid” drugs. Their health just vanishing before their eyes.

I know you don't want that. I don't want that for you, either.

The Solution is to restore your hormones, not “replace” them. Think about it—do you really think your hormones fell out of a hole in your body? No! They have been altered by chronic adrenal fatigue, unrelenting stress, and a flood of toxins that you are consuming without even knowing it.

It took a decade of research, and one year of working with a fellow health professional, to develop a 100% guaranteed Solution to this problem—one that works to restore hormones, boost them higher using natural methods, and, if you are on HRT, supplement your life with specific nutrients to help keep you safe.


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