activate the 'SUPER-CONSCIOUS'part of your brain

Hard to believe? Well it's all true! And this system is fully backed by over 35 years of research and development, and numerous self funded University studies...

Plus real world results from hundreds of thousands of happy and satisfied customers from all walks of life (including average people like you and me, plus doctors, teachers, psychologists and even 1 astronaut...) from all around the world, who have received the amazing benefits you are about to discover...

So you can be sure it will work for you too!

Just imagine knowing that you are finally tapping into the 'hidden' 98% of your brain power that up until now you haven't even been using (most people only ever use about 2% of their brain capacity…)

Just imagine the amazing things you will be able to accomplish when you finally awaken and unleash the full power of your sub-conscious mind! Devotees of this system can expect to only spend 10 minutes a day maintaining it once they have succeeded the training.

And the best part is, once you complete our program, not only will you be able to 'photograph' books in only a matter of minutes (literally 100 times the average reading speed), with 100% retention of that information for life (MUCH more effective than speed reading) …

You will also discover that all areas of your life will begin to flow much more easily for you…

So you can attract more wealth... better relationships... improved health... skyrocket your career... lose more weight and become happier than ever before!

In fact, by using our simple, step by step system, you will soon discover how to re-program your brain to bring you everything you have always wanted in your life!

…AND, the more you use your brain in these simple and specific ways, the more amazing things will happen for you… and much more often… it just keeps getting better and better the more you do it!
 This could be the most important message you ever read in your life!

In just 231 minutes from now, you could have discovered the most powerful whole life enhancement system available on the planet today… that can show you exactly step by step how to fully unleash the UNLIMITED power of your 'Super Conscious' mind to bring you the life of your dreams quicker than you ever thought possible!

Or… you could fall into the sea of people who let yet another life-changing opportunity pass them by...


The choice is yours.

Let me explain,

For the first time ever, the exclusive training of Richard Welch, "the Father of Mental Photography", is now being made available world wide.

"...Until now, only the WEALTHY could afford this self-empowering training!"

We have taken all the best parts of Richard's teachings (Subliminal Dynamics, Brain Management, and Mental Photography) condensed them down into an exciting, easy-to-use new format called ZOX Pro. What this means is, you are getting the quickest, most effective, streamlined version of Richard's training ever before released!

...AND at only a fraction of the cost it has ever been sold at before!

So why are we doing this? Simply because Richard Welch is an optimistic humanitarian.

He knows that his trainings can help solve the problems that humankind is faced with today, just like it has done for the hundreds of thousands of people who have already experienced his amazing systems first hand.

Richard now wants the rest of the world to benefit from his lifelong search to 'Build the Better Brain'.

His trainings reveal simplistic technology that we are born with, but most people do little with -- a brain technology used by all of us as the underlying basis of all learning…

A Shockingly Simple To Use BUT Revolutionary Whole Brain Process Called Mental Photography!

…So How Did Mental Photography Come About AND How Can It Help You?

What began as a speed reading company owned by Richard Welch back in 1975, through a lot of research and development, very quickly turned into an amazing scientifically proven phenomenon, now known as Mental Photography, that allows you to do some incredible things…

Now before I go any further I must warn you that I am NOT wearing a straight jacket and I haven't missed my morning medication… because what I am about to share with you may be a little hard for some people to believe at first…

BUT, just bear in mind that all of this has been scientifically proven and tested again and again and again over the last 35 years, on multitudes of people… AND it is very real… AND it works!

…So What Is Mental Photography?

In essence, Mental Photography is your natural ability to tap into your Photographic Memory, and make it work for you. It is YOUR ultimate edge in life!

It is a natural learning process that everyone possesses that allows you to very rapidly take in books and information at levels way beyond speed reading…


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