Stop Smoking Online

How can I guarantee such an amazing transformation in exactly
one hour?

I’ll explain why it’s not only possible (in fact virtually certain) in
a minute, but first…

You know those strong cravings you’ve had in the past when you
tried to quit smoking? Like most people, you probably thought they
were physical chemical cravings.

But I’m going to prove to you – by removing all your cravings in
one hour – that they were just mental habits that made it seem like
you couldn’t live without the feel, taste, and social aspects of

You need to know this… The conventional wisdom that you must
have “withdrawal from nicotine symptoms” is a myth you’ve been
sold by the cigarette companies – and even more by people who
want you to spend hundreds on their patches, gums, pills, herbal
remedies, or therapy.

Believe it! They have a vested interest in your having felt
helplessly addicted.

Many of them want you to wait for the mail to arrive with a
bundle of CDs that take many hours to hear. They want to justify
their high price with a bloated package.

Others want you to come to their therapy office, or to come to
weekly meetings.
In one hour those feelings, attitudes and
habits are going to change, amazingly with
no effort at all! What’s the key?

The breakthrough is a form of gentle, safe, pleasurable hypnosis
that turns you into a non smoker. You access it right here online
in a minute. Also online, you read a booklet and you hear an
audio, all in one hour – and that’s it, the cravings are gone.

Then, to deepen your pleasure as a non-smoker, and make your
new mindset permanent, FreshStart includes a simple 30-second
breathing exercise you do during the 3 days after that.

Why will FreshStart work even if you (or friends of yours) tried a hypnotic method that failed? The critical difference is that FreshStart is a three-part combination therapy consisting of a booklet, audio track and breathing exercises –- with each element expertly designed to reinforce the others to end your cravings, permanently.

Imagine if someone could wave a magic wand, and you’d be a
non smoker for life, with no cravings and no weight gain.
Wouldn’t you want that? Of course you would, since it would be
a dream come true.
But what if you’ve been smoking for years
and “tried everything” to quit?

As you can imagine, virtually everyone who takes my one-hour
online stop smoking hypnosis had tried a lot of things before and
failed. They struggled and suffered and it was painful. And
here’s a pretty terrible consequence…

Since many of them were highly successful in other areas of their
life, they felt humiliated. Actually, some reported that it undercut
their self confidence in other areas of life to not have conquered
smoking. More about the confidence issue in a minute…
All that is totally behind you
starting right now.

No matter how many times you’ve tried to stop smoking, over how
many years, or what products and methods have failed, you’re about
to end your cravings forever – even if you’ve been a heavy smoker.

How can I be so sure?

94% of everyone who has taken this program has quit in one hour,
without cravings, without ever wanting to smoke again. 94%!

And when I say “no cravings,” I mean you won’t crave smoking,
you won’t feel struggle, you won’t crave food and gain weight,
you won’t feel nervous or fidgety. You just plain will feel good,
and you will not fail (again)!

I know of no other plan, program, or product that has that track

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