Secrets of the Ripped Man

Inside Secrets of The Ripped Man eBook you will find out how to…kalev

    * Build motivation and feel pumped to get into the gym or go for a run.
    * Lose that stubborn belly fat once and for all.
    * Get noticed when you walk into a room.
    * Boost your self esteem and feel confident at the gym.
    * Excel in every sport by following our exercise variation principles.
    * Become a hottie magnet!
    * Find time to get into the gym especially when you think it is impossible to do so.
    * Sleep better and have more energy throughout your day.
    * Know when it’s best to do your cardio and when it’s best to do strength training.
    * Eat the right foods to build muscle and lose fat.

When these techniques are put together you will see that muffin top body fat disappear and those muscles begin to really show through your shirt.

    * See clothes fit you better. This will be one of the most rewarding gifts you can ever give yourself. As you follow the strategies provided to you, you will see major changes in the way clothes hang on your body. It’s like someone gave you a whole new set of clothes!
    * Eat more! Yes, in fact you will learn what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and best of all you will never be hungry!
    * Lose fat permanently. This is not a fad diet or a plan that you can only follow for a few months. This is a manual which will allow you enjoy what you eat, exercise smart and be rid of the fat you’ve always wanted to get rid of.
    * Get incredible muscle tone. There is an entire chapter devoted to muscle tone because you can get big but if you’re not toned, it just doesn’t show all the effort you’ve put into training!
    * Attract more attention. A more ripped physique will not only get you noticed sexually, but also in any business relationship you encounter. You will get more RESPECT!

Who are we and why should you listen to us?

There are a lot of health books out there which give ONE point of view and require strict diet plans and exhausting exercise regimes. The scary reality is that most of these so-called “health expert authors” lack university level education on biochemistry and human physiology. They are out to make a quick buck and even use ghost writers to write their entire books for them.

So how are we different?

    * We both have university degrees in exercise sciences (Kinesiology).
    * We both have been training for more than 10 years strong
    * We both have had great success with many of our clients, friends, family.
    * We both have discussed, researched heavily and debated over every topic in this book.
    * We speak and breathe everything you will read in Secrets of the Ripped Man!


Kalev Jaaguste

    * Has a diploma of Exercise Science (Australia Institute of Fitness)
    * Is an executive Master Trainer (National College of Fitness)
    * Has been a personal trainer for over 10 years
    * Runs his own personal training company with a staff who offer a 3 dimensional approach to training

Sam Omidi

    * kalev Has a background in human nutrition (UBC) and Advanced Exercise Nutrition (CanFit Pro)
    * Has a degree in Kinesiology (study of the human body and movement)
    * Is certified as a personal trainer specialist (CanFit Pro)
    * Has been training in the gym for over 17 years
    * Is a health and wellness coach with over 1000 clients
    * Runs one of the most successful training and weight loss groups on Facebook with 7000+ members (
    * Operates a highly talked about health blog which is getting over 200,000 monthly visitors (
    * Is one of the most followed people from Vancouver on Twitter (

So how does ALL this experience benefit you?

To start, you don’t have to sort through all the media hype and find information that may not be helpful to you at all.

Unlike most health magazines and articles you read on the web we are not out to sell you some supplement or gimmicky diet plan.

The information we give you is honest and true advice we give to all our clients who succeed in achieving their training goals. Your success is our biggest reward!

We take extreme pride in our eBook package and our goal is to help you build a strong foundation of wisdom when it comes to your training and nutrition. After reading Secrets of the Ripped Man you will no longer fall into the trap of buying unneccessary and harmful supplements that magazines and product companies want you to buy. Now you will know better!


What is so different about Secrets of the Ripped Man?

You’re very smart for asking this question and we think you’ll like this answer…We have taken all our knowledge, training experience, shortcuts & tricks and packaged it for you in one amazing bundle.

Some may say there are no shortcuts and tricks but the reality is that as you read the eBook you will begin to discover that the secret to getting ripped is really about putting all the pieces together.

We give you all the pieces so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out, that’s the SHORTCUT!

Although we have an extensive background in exercise science and training the major revelation was achieved by working together! This really brought our collective knowledge to a much, much HIGHER level.

In essence, that is the major difference between Secrets of the Ripped Man and almost anything else you will encounter in the marketplace. This is information that we have heavily researched, debated, discussed, and reviewed with clients to make sure we provide you an ARMY of knowledge against your biggest concerns and frustrations when it comes to fat loss, muscle building and your overall health.

This is WAR against all the bull and your lack of success…if you follow our guidelines you WILL WIN!
There is NO doubt. Period.
You will learn how to get ripped and stay ripped.

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