Pilates For Horse Riders

Learn How to Become a Better Rider
Training the Riding Muscles for Riding.
By learning how to use core stability and independent muscle movement patterns you can train yourself to become a better rider.
This program is now one of the most effective available. It is followed by top riders all over the world. It is followed by riders just learning to ride as well. It is relevant to all riders, at any level, because it trains the rider, not the horse.
 (I guarantee this will work for you.)
Learn how to be 100% effective with your aids and ride
your horse or any horse with confidence and skill.
The control of the pelvis and the deep core muscles is the key to skilled riding in any discipline. This program will teach HOW.
Now the complete program is available on DVD as a free bonus
(in conjunction with the E-book)
Not sold separately

If you want to learn Pure Pilates but not all the horse riding movement patterns then look at *Pure Pilates and Posture Pilates training DVD Click Here!* for more Information.

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From Annette Willson (Rider, Physiotherapist and Pilates Educator)

I can teach you to ride with skill confidence and talent. I taught myself. I used to be a sloppy unbalanced rider. I hated it. I developed this program for myself because I hated bouncing at the trot and getting poor comments in my dressage tests. I had a poor riding posture and was not effective with my aids.

I watched the top riders and used my education as a Physiotherapist to train myself to have an effective strong seat in the saddle. I practiced my exercises out of the saddle and then applied the strength and learned movement patterns on my horse. I went onto compete up to international level in 3 day eventing. My dreams where achieved.

As I improved I was asked over and over “Who is teaching you”? Who are you getting lessons from? I said I taught myself. I did have lessons at times.

I was then asked for lessons and asked HOW do you stay balanced and still in the saddle. I decided to write it all down.

I have changed the format by demand from riders.

The E-book, Applied Posture Riding has been hugely popular but due to demand the program is now packaged and included as a free bonus into a DVD in conjunction with the E-book. The information from both is invaluable.

We all know riding is not as easy as the experts make it look. It is difficult to keep your balance and be effective with your aids. It is so hard to stay upright and look good in the saddle.

Of all the paces the sit trot; it is the most difficult movement to perform dignified and well. You can learn this skill.

Most riders bounce in the saddle, their legs flap against the horses’ side, their hands cling to the reins for balance and they tilt forward.

Many riders have difficulty keeping an upright posture through transitions and keeping their seat in the saddle at the canter.

When giving an aid, they bend their wrists, look down and lean forward. Their heels come up, their lower back stiffens. Their horse drops his shoulder, throws his head up and tightens his back.

Does this sound like your daily riding session?

Do you repeat this routine without improving because you don’t know how to fix it?

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