The Muscle Mass Advantage

You're Going To Like What I Have To Say!

Dear Friend,

Imagine walking into a room for the first time and commanding the respect of everyone inside instantly! What would it feel like to have all eyes on you as you parade your sleeve stretching arms, massive chest and rock-hard abs for everyone to see?

What you’re about to learn is muscle building fact. These are the exact same proven muscle building techniques that I recommend to my personal training clients on a daily basis.  The very same principles that I’ve personally used to pack on over 45lbs of rock-hard muscle mass quickly, safely and naturally - leaving my friends and family in awe of my new more muscular body!

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve results like these too!

What no one has probably ever told you is that the muscle building process is fairly simple.  It’s just a matter of implementing the right principles at the right times and doing it in a systemized and committed manner!

Unfortunately No One Really Wants To Tell You
The Truth About Building Muscle Mass…
It’s Not Profitable And It’s Not Very Exciting!

How on earth are supplement companies going to sell billions of dollars worth of bodybuilding supplements once everyone figures out that 99% of all strength and muscle gains come from hard work in the gym, intelligent rest and recovery and a solid bodybuilding nutrition plan?

Nope…They Would Much Rather Keep
You Uninformed And Confused!

And if you were lucky enough to be one of those guys who already “figured it out”, and you were hitting the beach with swollen biceps, a huge chest and 6-pack abs - would you really want to let everyone in on the secret and share all of the attention from the ladies…Of Course Not!

Especially Considering How Simple The Whole Process Can Be!

So, if you're sick and tired of hearing the same old marketing hype that the supplement companies and muscle mags have been ramming down your throat for years now...The same lies and half truths that have been emptying your wallet and wasting your time, then keep reading...

I want to prove to you that you can trust me to help you gain more muscle mass than you ever thought possible quickly, safely and 100% naturally without bogus bodybuilding supplements, or unsafe "underground" techniques.

Why You Should Listen To Me...

Nick Andrade - Author of The Maximum Impact Muscle Building!Hi, I'm Nick Andrade a Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle And Weight Management Consultant and Avid Natural Bodybuilder with more than 14 years of "in the trenches" experience working with people just like you who desperately want to gain muscle mass, but have a limited amount of time to train.

I've had an incredible opportunity to see first hand what really works when it comes to building muscle mass safely and naturally, as quickly as possible!

I've wasted thousands of hours personally grinding through the latest "cutting edge" bodybuilding workouts to uncover the truth about packing on slabs of lean muscle mass as quickly and safely as possible.

Along the way, I've come to realize that the only thing standing between most people and the body of their dreams is access to the right muscle building information!

For years now, you've been misinformed and misled by dishonest supplement companies and over-the-top muscle magazines, promising a quick and easy way to gain muscle mass.

Well...I'm Here To Set You Straight -
Building Muscle Mass Is Extremely Hard Work!

It requires discipline and dedication...Not to mention well designed weight lifting workouts, accurate up-to-date bodybuilding information and a top-notch nutrition plan!

When it comes to building muscle mass or any other fitness related goals, there are fundamental principles that lead the way to more gains.  All that you really need to do in order to build slabs of rock-hard muscle mass is simply uncover the principles and then put them into practice! - That’s It!

Here's My Story -

“How I Gained 45lbs of Rock-Hard Muscle”

When I was growing up, I started out a little chubby, then just got fat.  To this day, I'm not really sure why it happened.  I was active in sports and rarely watched t.v. - I lived a very active life.

Once I crossed over from chubby to fat, my life started to change.  People began to stare at me wherever I went. Don't get we wrong here, I did have friends and I was a pretty happy camper - but I was always very aware that I was "different" than almost everybody else.
    I Was Fatter Than All of My Friends!
    I Was Fatter Than All of The Kids I Played Sports With!
    I Was Fatter Than Nearly Everyone My Own Age!

Check Out These Pictures...

Chubby NickOh yeah...I forgot to mention that my dad was also a high school football coach - So I also spent a ton of time comparing the way my body looked to the way the football players bodies looked.

At school I can clearly remember all of the kids making fun of me on a daily basis.  Calling me a blob and fat...To this day, I can still feel the cold biting sting of the taunts.  I was made fun of for years.

This is not meant to be a sob story, it's just the truth!

I'm not exactly sure when this happened (I think I was 11 at the time), but I remember waking up one day and making a conscious decision to change the way my body looked and felt.  I decided that I was going to do something about it!

I wasn't sure where to begin, but I knew that I had to exercise. I started training in the back yard.  I concocted workouts composed of pull-ups, push ups, sit-ups and jogging.  I performed them every single day for over a year...

I Finally Began To Notice A Difference In The Way My Body Looked And Felt - I Was Electrified, Totally Excited...

So I decided to also stop eating unnecessary junk food.  This lead to even more fat loss…and then I just got lucky!

I hit a growth-spurt (around the age of 13) and literally shot up and leaned out overnight. I went from being the "fat kid" to the "athletic kid". People stopped making fun of me and I instantly gained confidence in my body.

It Was A Truly Amazing Feeling - For The First Time In
My Life, People Were Actually Jealous of My Body!

I became extremely active in all different kinds of sports over the next few years, but I completely fell in love with football. Unfortunately for me, even though I had lost a bunch of fat and leaned out, I hadn't gained any muscle mass.

I went from being a chubby "fat kid" to being a lean "skinny kid" with almost no muscle...I was scrawny!

In order to help me gain strength and pack on some muscle, my father introduced me to weight lifting. I was really lucky that he took the time to teach me the ropes - things like how to warm-up, proper weight training form, the importance of flexibility and how to put it all together into a comprehensive program.

After a few weeks, I was completely hooked!  I wasn't getting much bigger, but I was gaining strength and confidence!

I loved the way my muscles felt during and after a workout, I loved the way my training weights began to steadily increase, I even loved the way my muscles got sore a few days following a workout!

Looking back, I think I enjoyed all of it a bit too much! Every time I made a noticeable change in my strength levels or physique, I proceeded to make the novice mistake of "changing things up" to "confuse" my muscles every single workout.

There was no structure to my training program and any strength and muscle gains I had experienced soon began to evaporate.

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