Back Pain Can Be Fixed

Where Do You Suffer Your Back Pain Symptoms?

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Engineer, Researcher, Author and Former Back Pain Sufferer – who used his mathematical, problem solving mind to find a solution for chronic back pain for himself … teaches you how to:

 Repair Your Sore Back & Sciatica Pain Naturally With Great Results That Are Noticeable, In Some Cases On The First Day, But Certainly Within Weeks For Most People Suffering From Chronic Back Pain
 Heal Your Back And Live A Better Quality Of Life By Making Simple Changes That Create Positive Results
 Sit and walk properly … so that your body is aligned correctly at all times
 Train your muscles to work with your spine rather than against it … making your structure stable, keeping you flexible and mobile under all circumstances
 To identify environmental causes that undermine your back slowly without you even realising it

Introducing: Daniel Carey, Engineer, Researcher, Author and Former Chronic Back Pain Sufferer

Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

You’re about to find out that back pain can be fixed – despite what you may have been told!

If your back pain or sciatica has occurred over time – we call this cumulative aggravation – and you are experiencing acute pain…

Then Keep Reading …
My Back Pain ruined my holiday

Daniel & Katrina In London

My name is Daniel Carey and I’m passionate about back care … both personally and scientifically.  Over the past 5 years, I have rigorously researched every possible solution for chronic back pain because it was literally destroying my life.

The last straw came when I was in London on the holiday of a lifetime with my partner, Katrina.  We were there for two weeks … and devastatingly for me … one of those weeks was spent either at the chiropractor or lying on the floor writhing in agony from back spasms while Katrina went sightseeing on her own.

This was our third holiday that had been ruined by my back pain.

If ever there was a time that depression would overtake me – this was it.

This distressing, frustrating and embarrassing week became the catalyst …

I HAD to find a solution … I was desperate … and couldn’t bear the thought of living the rest of my life like this!

ANGER, Frustration And Despair
– Turned Into “Back Pain Can Be Fixed”

Mind you … it wasn’t easy finding this solution … and you can probably testify to how hard finding permanent relief is. In my search for finding relief for my personal back pain, I received treatment from:

      Receipts for thousands of dollars on Treatments

      Therapist Receipts

 3 general practitioners (doctors)
 5 chiropractors
 50 massage therapists
 1 acupuncturist
 5 physiotherapists
 1 osteopath
 3 Alexander Technique teachers
 1 bodywork therapist
 3 naturopaths
 1 stretch therapist
 2 personal trainers

Some were great others were ordinary.

Although, I was happy that some of them gave me a piece to the puzzle for fixing my back pain, there was still something missing – I couldn’t achieve permanent pain relief.

It Was Time To Think Outside The Box

When I suffered chronic back pain … I was told, “I don’t know what the problem is, but if you keep coming back for a treatment for an hour each week … we can help you manage the pain with therapy and medication.”

Now … in my work as an Engineer … if I said to my employer, “I dunno what the problem is, but it will just keep happening and it will cost us 1 hour in downtime every week” – I would be sacked, as every hour of downtime is worth $70,000 to the company.

So … to be told I could manage my pain but not fix it … was totally unacceptable!

I was trained to look past band-aid solutions and find the root cause of the problem.  I put my engineering hat on and used my mathematical mind to find the missing link.  And, I did it!

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