The Truth About Tmj

"I remember back when I was in High School (in 1979), when I chewed my food, my family could hear my jaw clicking and popping from across the room.

At that time living with my single mother (who had TMJ) and 2 siblings with only 260 dollars per month, we just didn't have the resources to go to specialists to treat my TMJ problem.

Then in College when I played football, I would put on my helmet and snap the chin strap on, my jaw would lock up.

I had to loosen up the chin strap and play football with a slightly loose helmet.

Finally after years of problems with my TMJ's.

I finally learned for myself in Dental School what was going on.

Because of those personal experiences, I focused my studies on TMJ

And it has been my passion since! I absolutely love treating TMJ, because it is one of the rare jobs where I'll see a person in pain one day, and they come back in my office with a big smile on their face because the pain is gone...

I love my job. Now, as a TMJ Dentist, I have been able to treat over a thousand TMJ sufferers.

In Dental School, I went through TMJ therapy, and it was so amazing to see and to feel the difference, or what Normal felt like again.

When I started my private TMJ practice after graduating, I continued to seek further knowledge with the myriad of causes of TMJ.

So, I traveled to the four corners of our country just to hear different and new treatments and philosophies how other clinicians are using to treat TMJ.

As I treated my own patients for TMJ, it took about 3 years to settle on the principles that I see as the right philosophies to treat TMJ.

What they taught in Dental School was not the primary cause of TMJ, so it took a large pill to swallow (sort a speak), or my pride as I realized I was not taught in school the real or primary causes and appropriate treatments of TMJ.

So, now, 17 years later, I'm successfully beating the TMJ pain monster. Most of my patients come from referrals which is the way it should be."
Virtually All Of My TMJ Patients Shared


#1. What they had been told about what was CAUSING their TMJ pain was DEAD WRONG!

#2. They were treated with “one-size-fits-all” “cookie-cutter” treatments.

There are literally DOZENS of types of TMJ and an infinite number of combinations of those types.

‘cookie-cutter’ FAILS for all but the most mild and or lucky of TMJ pain sufferers

#3. They had NEVER had a PROPER evaluation to determine what TYPE of TMJ problem they had.

#4. They had NEVER had a SPECIFIC & UNIQUE treatment protocol designed EXCLUSIVELY for them and THEIR type of TMJ pain.

Admittedly many of the specialists, so-called experts and therapists treating TMJ patients today may not share this opinion.

And the reason why is actually quite simple…

‘cookie cutter’ is faster and allows them to process more patients.

They get away with the ‘cookie cutter’ approach simply because the very simple and uncomplicated cases can and do respond to that approach.

No different than some aches and pains go away without taking ibuprofen.

Some minor TMJ problems can simply go away with a simple stretch here or night guard correction there.

However the TRUTH about TMJ pain is inescapable…

If your doctor, specialist, expert, etc…

Has FAILED to CORRECTLY identify what the CAUSE of your TMJ pain is…

Even if the recommended stretch or night guard eliminates the pain…

That pain is COMING BACK! Often times WORSE than it came the first time.

After all of these years it’s impossible to ignore TWO hard and fast FACTS…


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