Runners Yoga 30-Minute Home Program

So why is it called Runner’s Yoga?
If "It’s not just for runners!"

Runners Yoga muscle man

Well, one of the things I noticed over my many years of teaching yoga is how frequently my running students are injured. According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, almost 70% of runners will be injured. And in my experience, there are two main reasons.

FIRST, it’s because of the incredible forces they’re subjected to.

The body of a 130 lb runner, for example, has to absorb over 600,000 lbs of impact every mile!

And it’s not just the lower body of the runner that’s affected. That jarring, tightening impact reverberates through the whole body, causing imbalances and tightness head-to-toe and leading a host of common injuries in runners.

The SECOND reason is the intense “Type-A” approach that many runners are notorious for.

This stressful, I’M-NOT-WORKING-HARD-ENOUGH approach tends to disconnect runners from the messages from their bodies - a leading cause of over-training and injury. In some cases this disconnect is so pronounced that runners will actually run themselves into fatal heart attacks!

It was easy for me to recognize these two primary causes of injuries in runners … because I experienced them myself! (Two knee operations, hamstring pop, multiple calf muscle tears, Achilles’ Tendon strains, etc, etc.)

Which meant it was also easy for me with my background to recognize that yoga is the most powerful solution. For both problems - physical and mental.

Not only does yoga give you a balanced, flexible body that performs better (see 'Range of Motion' below) and is much less prone to injury. But doing yoga has a profound effect on your MENTAL ATTITUDE as well. And any athlete (or therapist!) will tell you how important that is!
The problem is, Most Runners (and the rest of us!)
don’t have enough time to get to classes regularly.

Clock on Back

I mean, add it up - How long does it actually take you to go do that workout or yoga class? Including travel, parking, changing, etc.

About the only people I know who can find that much time ... day after day, month after month, year after year ... are competitive athletes and the independently wealthy!


*Which is why the majority of us stop going to the
health club or gym two months after joining!
(*According to the industry's own statistics.)

So when I first developed my 30-minute program (I’ll tell you why 30 minutes is so important in a moment), I knew it would be perfect for runners. And I started teaching it to them in special “Runner’s Yoga Workshops”. (Which is how it came to be called 'Runner’s Yoga'.)

The result? Runners loved it! (And so did their physiotherapists!)

Then something interesting happenned. PEOPLE WHO AREN'T RUNNERS (even people who hate running), discovered that everything my Runner’s Yoga Program does for runners’ bodies … it will do for you!

Busy Moms … People with Injuries … Snowboarders …Business Executives … Martial Artists … Mountain Bike Riders - they all found the Runner’s Yoga Program to be so effective. So practical. That they started making it a part of their lives.

Family Stretch

And why not? One short routine that will help you stay fit and healthy, physically and mentally, for the rest of your life. A routine that is safe enough for beginners. Yet full of challenging options for the fittest athlete.

And now, for the very first time, you can have the exact same program I teach in workshops (plus some great bonuses!) in a format that will allow you to get started minutes from now -even if you’re halfway around the world and it’s 2 o’clock in the morning!


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