Overcome Fear of Flying

What is the TRUE cost of being afraid to fly?

    * I don’t mean what does it cost in terms of dollars and cents...that’s one of the smaller costs. I mean what does it REALLY cost you? Do you avoid flying completely like I used to? What does it cost you in terms of your LIFE when you don’t have the opportunity to see new and different places because of your fear?
    * What about family and friends? Are there people you would like to visit more often but don’t?
    * Do you make excuses for why you can’t fly? Do you waste your time driving places that you could have been at in hours if only you could fly comfortably?
    * How does it affect the people in your life? Does your family miss out too because you hate to fly? Is that fair to them?
    * What about your self-esteem? I know all too well how depressing it can be to be held back by a fear about something so many other people take for granted. I used to be embarrassed because of my fear and felt like everyone else was a little ‘better’ than me.

Having a fear of flying comes at too high of a price,
I know, I was terrified to fly for years.

Just like you, I used to have a severe fear of flying.

For a long time, I wouldn’t fly anywhere, under any circumstances. No way.

I was terrified of being up so high and feeling claustrophobic and trapped - of having no way to escape that cramped metal cylinder six miles above the ground. I worried about crashing and never seeing my family again, and I just couldn’t bear to endure those awful feelings of anxiety for as long as a flight lasted. What if I needed to get off?

I tried everything. Anti-anxiety medications, drinking before the flight, therapy, books and tapes, but nothing seemed to work like I needed it to.

I eventually worked up the courage to get on a plane, and it was actually WORSE than I imagined! Everyone else on board just sat there reading their magazines or doing crossword puzzles, and I was filled with absolute terror before we even left the ground. It didn’t seem fair and it made me even more frustrated that no one seemed to understand how powerful my fear was.

Even before the flight, I was filled with anxiety that interfered with my work and life. I’d have nightmares and trouble sleeping, and my days were filled with repetitive negative thoughts I just couldn’t seem to control. The days and even weeks prior to a flight were completely ruined by my fear of flying, but once I got on the plane, that’s when the REAL trouble started.

As soon as the wheels would come off the ground, I could feel the chemicals surge into my brain as the fear took hold of me...


I would have panic attacks on board and be filled with a dread that some catastrophe was just about to happen. Maybe I’d run out of air and wouldn’t be able to breathe and I would lose control and would try to open the door in the middle of the flight. Maybe the plane would break apart and I would have to live the final few moments of my life in the crushing grip of fear. Maybe the panic would just overwhelm me and who knows what would happen next.
I eventually learned how to conquer my
fear of flying, but it was far more difficult
than it needed to be and took way too long.

It took years, but thankfully, I eventually overcame my fear and anxiety while flying.

Now I fly all over the country whenever I want to, and I don’t give it a second thought. As a matter of fact, I actually look forward to getting on the plane now because I know it’s a place I can get away from it all and relax without being disturbed!

It’s a shame that I needlessly suffered for so long chasing down phony “cures” and trying to numb myself to the anxiety, because what I discovered is that most everyone makes overcoming the fear of flying much more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be. Let me explain how simple it can be...
Let me explain how simple conquering your fear
of flying really is and you can judge it for yourself...

When I was searching for a way to overcome my fear of flying, I bought a ton of books and programs, and spent literally thousands of dollars trying to find the “cure” that they all promised me...

But here’s the problem.

You can’t be “cured”...because you’re not sick!

Having a fear of flying isn’t an illness or a disease...it’s really more of a “mental misunderstanding” that tricks your brain into reacting with anxiety and panic even though flying ISN’T dangerous.

There’s no THING that makes you anxious or afraid on board a plane. It’s not the air, the uncomfortable seats, the height, or the stale peanuts that make you anxious. It’s you, what you tell yourself, and how you react that causes the fear.

Flying isn’t the problem....YOU’RE the problem...and that’s good!

If you’re the ultimate cause of your fear of flying, that’s GOOD NEWS, because that means that YOU can STOP IT!

All you need to do is prove to your brain, in a way it will remember, that it’s WRONG to react with anxiety. There’s no elusive “riddle” to solve like so many others would have you believe, at the core it’s really pretty darn simple...


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